Gastite GREEN – Gasket Compound

Description: Gastite Instant Gasket is a silicone sealant formulated for most replacement gasket requirements. • Instantly replaces pre-formed cork, felt, paper, rubber and asbestos gaskets • Resists oil, water and anti-freeze • Will not crack, harden or dry out • Withstands temperatures from -60°C to + 260°C. Directions For Use: 1. Ensure surfaces are clean and dry. 2. Remove cap from tube, pierce top and fit application nozzle. 3. Apply an even bead of Instant Gasket t one side and assemble parts within 5 – 10 minutes. (Avoid over tightening the joint). 4. When fully cured, excess compound can be trimmed off with a knife. 5. If joint is to be opened regularly, apply a thing film of oil tone surface before assembly. (For permanent gaskets do not apply oil) 6. Replace cap after use. Please Note: Not suitable for continuous fuel immersion. Instant Gasket is not suitable as a replacement for cylinder head gaskets. Availability: 38g Tube