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PARATEX Dielectric paraffinic bands

Corrosion proofing insulating band for the protection of underground and overhead mains and pipes. It is a dielectric paraffinic band, with a polyethylene film on one side improving its mechanic and dielectric resistance. To be used whenever pipes have to be protected by corrosion due to atmospheric, chemical, environmental agents. Suitable also for the protection from stray currents of metal surfaces, for the outer binding of tanks, underground, overhead and underwater mains or pipes. Once it has been applied, it keeps its elasticity and inalterability all over the years.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Wind the band up overlapping from 10 up to 50% the turns according to the required thickness; then wear a glove for cold levelling off, to obtain an homogeneous and smooth surface. On rusted or irregular surfaces it is recommended an accurate cleaning with a hard brush.

TECHNICAL DATA: Working temperature: – 50 / + 55/60 °C – Mean thickness: 1.4 mm +/- 10% – Dielectric strength: > 20 Kv – Breaking load due to elongation: 3 Kg/cm (28% stretch) – Waterproof (saline water, too) and gasproof.

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Code Contents U.M. Qt.
PAR0050 rolls H 50 mm x 10 m n. 36
PAR0100 rolls H 100 mm x 10 m n. 18
PAR0150 rolls H 150 mm x 10 m n. 12
PAR0200 rolls H 200 mm x 10 m n. 8