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Product Information

Piusi K900 Oval Gear Flow Meters

Piusi K900 Oval Gear Meters are designed to meet a wide range of product delivery measuring requirements in non-resale applications. The oval gear measuring principle adopted offers high precision and low pressure losses

Pulser version also available, this has a remotely mounted display and can provide an output to other fuel management / monitoring systems

Supplied complete with digital display, showing;

  • Flow Rate in litres-per-minute
  • Resettable batch total with floating decimal point between 0.001 to 999.99
  • Non resettable total, 8-digit to 99999999
Wetted Components
Housing Anodised Aluminium
Seals Viton
Gears Acetyl Resin (Delrin)
Gear Shafts Unknown
Product Options
Model Number F0049900A Oil F0049903A Oil, US GAL/NPT F0049902A – With Pulse out
Display Digital Digital Digital
Power Source 4-12vDC External Supply 4-12vDC External Supply 4-12vDC External Supply
Power Consumption Unknown Unknown 1.2A Max
Output Signal None None Open Collector 50v, 1.2A Max
Pulses Per Litre None None 10
Accuracy ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
User Calibration Yes Yes Yes
Inlet / Outlet Fittings 3″ BSP Female 3″ NPT Female 3″ BSP Female
Min Flowrate 50 lpm 13.2 US Gal / Min 50 lpm
Max Flowrate 500 lpm 132.0 US Gal / Min 500 lpm
Max Pressure 20 Bar / 290 PSI 20 Bar / 290 PSI 20 Bar / 290 PSI
Pressure Loss 0.5 Bar / 7.25 PSI 0.5 Bar / 7.25 PSI 0.5 Bar / 7.25 PSI
Temperature Range Unknown Unknown Unknown
Weight 12 Kg 12 Kg 12 Kg