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RIDGID Model 1460-E Electric Test Pump

Tests all types of installations such as heating, compressed air and refrigeration systems, oil installations, fire lines and small bore pipelines. The automatic pressure holding valves enables the user to easily pressurize the system. Compatible fluids include water, oil and ethylene glycol. Can be connected to water supply for rapid filling.


  • 3 plunger ceramic piston pump for slow pressure build up and longer life.
  • Quick coupling system to disconnect control block and gauge. This can be left on circuit being tested. Pump can be used to pressurize another circuit with second accessory control block.
  • Stainless steel container (non acid liquids)
  • Water flow: 9 1/min
  • Oil (SAE 30)


Container Stainless steel container (non acid liquids)
Oil SAE 30
Water Flow 9 l/min